Saturday, January 30, 2016

How To Use Olive Oil To Stop Snoring

It is never a pleasant experience when you sleep next to someone who has heavy respiration the whole night. I believe you will not die from it but the victim will wake you feeling tired. If you snore, you will be gasping for breath while sleeping.

There are various causes for snoring such as a deviated septum. Excessive tissue in the back of the nose or throat tends to block the air passage to some extent that explains why you snore. You may have a sleep apnea if it's totally blocked. The percentage of snorers who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea is nearly seventy five percent.If you have this disorder, you will find yourself not having enough oxygen. Because your breathing is stopped at a certain interval. The risk of heart diseases may shoot up.

Snorers should consider snoring as a serious matter. The treatment is mandatory not just for you to feel refreshed when waking up in the morning or decrease the chances of getting heart disorders. When you get up one morning, you will find your better half sleeping on the couch in the living room.

I would ask you to try natural remedies such as olive oil first rather than putting uncomfortable masks on your face. There is a good chance that you can prevent heart attack or salvage your wrecked relationship.

If you have not tried olive oil, then now is the right time to find out how it is able to end snoring. Is it possible for olive oil to heal snoring? Ultimately, it depends on what causes you to snore in the first place. The next thing is to find out how does olive oil help to stop snoring,

Olive oil can benefit you if the cause of snoring is due to blockage of air passage by the large structure that is found at the back of your throat. If you keep the tissues of your throat moistened with olive oil, there will be decreased friction. It allows the air to move smoothly, causing you to snore less. In essence, olive oils promotes clear air passage to remove any blockage. This way, the snoring can be reduced.

If you have an acid reflux, olive oil can decrease snoring. Acid reflux can lead to inflammation along the respiratory tract, causing swelling and soreness. In the end, you will experience a congestion as well as a blockage in the air passage. Olive oil can quiet the inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory content. It will reduce the swelling to open up the airway. The air can now move easily without any obstruction. So no more snoring.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best one for this remedy. Observe this instruction to the dot if you would like to know how to stop snoring using olive oil. Take 3 sips of olive oil before you call it a night.

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